Welcome to our cause! We are a husband and wife team whose goal is to educate communities and children about child safety. Our dedicating to promoting awareness and circulation of information on all matters relating in child safety, child abduction, child abuse and child pornography, come from having 3 small children of our own. We have been working hard towards our cause of helping promote child safety for over 7 years now. It is our main hope that the educating we provide will help prevent horrible crimes against innocent children.

By holding education seminars on child abuse, child abduction and child safety, we feel that it betters the chances of a child knowing how to protect themselves and parent to become more aware of the dangers their children face every day.

Part of our services include providing information, assistance and counseling referral services to relatives, friends and other individuals affected by child abuse and child abduction.

As well we distribute DNA/ID kits via schools, day cares and resource centers to for parents to keep should they need to quickly give this information to police should the worse happen you can find out more about our DNA/ID kits by following this link. DNA/ID Kits

We raise funds in an effort to continue our work as the Ontario Child Safety Network as we are solely funded by kind donations.

Please take some time and view our website. Tell your friends and family about our services and us. This could make a difference in a child’s life.